Building Survey update 1 (29 March 2018)

Survey update as per information received this morning. As outlined previously, the roof survey was undertaken by company called Pendrich Height Services Ltd ( The ceiling survey was conducted by a company called Summers Inman ( We are still awaiting the reports from these surveys which I hope will be made available soon.

The remainder of the building condition survey was to be completed by the City of Edinburgh council’s (CEC) own internal department. I went back to the council and stated that some parents may not see that as independent enough. The council were happy to change, and have now appointed independent companies to complete this. Some of this will be done by Hardies (, and the mechanical & electrical elements will be completed by RSP ( The condition survey will be completed in the 2nd week of the Easter holidays.

The information from the CEC Estate department was as follows :

“We have Hardies booked in to undertake the condition survey in the second week of the Easter holidays. They are expecting to use RSP for the survey of the M&E elements (Mechanical & Electrical), which will all be brought into a single survey report.”

If you require further info, please do let me know.

Richard Imlach
Chair – Oxgangs Parent Community Council

Tesco Bags for Life – Oxgangs win £4000!

I am delighted to announce that Oxgangs Primary School came 1st in the Tesco Bags of Help scheme and have been awarded £4000 to go towards playground development.

Thanks to everyone who popped their blue tokens in the Oxgangs slot. While we were “chalking” the playground, we even had a St Marks parent walking past and said she’d put all her tokens in the Oxgangs slot.

The very special parent who over 12 months ago took it upon themselves to fill in the forms & make our case wishes to remain humble & anonymous, but I’d like to pass on my thanks to them for making this happen.

Richard Imlach
Chair – Oxgangs Parent Community Council

Roof Incident (Update 3) – 23 March 2018

Latest update from City of Edinburgh Estates Department – I asked them to give an update on the full condition survey and what it would involve. It will take place during the Easter Holidays.

“ESP have confirmed that the flashing will be replaced this afternoon, following the end of school for the day. We anticipate the full condition survey taking place in the Easter holidays (which allows the surveyors freer access). The survey will be a step up from our standard visual condition surveys, providing a tactile survey of fixings etc, and will cover mechanical and electrical as well as building fabric items. We will, however, avoid duplicating the survey of the ceilings that Summers Inman completed last week. Accordingly we’re just developing the scope to reflect this.”

Amey Report into Ceiling Tile Incident

The following is the link to the report from Amey which provides details of what the incident was, and what actions they took, and any follow up actions.

06.03.2018 Oxgangs Ceiling Incident report- Revised Draft

Apologies for not posting before now, but the original draft had an inaccuracy in it which indicated the child was grazed by the ceiling tile. All parties (Amey, the School, and the Parent) subsequently discussed and agreed that the child was not grazed by the tile and the report should be updated. I also had a conversation with the parent myself to confirm this. Rather than post out the inaccurate report, to avoid confusion I awaited until I received the updated report which I did yesterday (19 March 2018). I expect to get a similar report from Amey on the roof incident in the near future which I will also publish here.

Councillor Jason Rust also requested a slot at the main City of Edinburgh Council meeting where he put forward some written questions from the Parent Council on the ceiling tile incident, and received written replies. You can find that document here.

Question for Convener of the Education Children & Families Committee 15 March 2018

In these questions, we asked about the inspection that was done prior to the children entering the school after the wall collapse in 2016.

Q1 : Was a fixtures & fittings inspection carried out as part of the safety inspections following the wall collapse at Oxgangs Primary School in 2016 and children re-entering the school following repairs?

A1 : Yes – Amey confirmed they carried out all Statutory Maintenance Requirements prior to pupils and staff returning to Oxgangs Primary School in 2016. In addition, an Amey Heath & Safety practitioner carried out a visual inspection of the school, on a room by room basis and did not identify any issues which would give concern from a Health & Safety perspective.

This statutory maintenance requirements inspection does not represent a full inspection of the school, which has always been a bone of contention which Crerar Christie (Chair of the Oxgangs PC at the time) pushed very hard on at the time. In light of the roof incident last week, the City of Edinburgh Council have now initiated such a full inspection. However, what guarantees does a full inspection give us, and what exactly does it constitute. Without deconstructing & checking every brick, nut, & bolt of the school, what level of confidence can parents expect. Time will tell. The reports will be made publicly available to all, and we can only judge based on what they tell us and go from there.

The latest update on the roof incident from the Council Estates Department as of 11:48am on Tuesday 20 March 2018 is as follows :

Just to update you on the works – the flashing replacement for the piece that was removed is awaiting the appropriate material to be sourced, so that element of the works is still to be completed.  We’re hoping that takes place today (20th March).

Any questions on any aspects of these incidents, do let me know by using the contact links.

Richard Imlach
Chair – Oxgangs Parent Community Council

Roof Incident (Update 2) – 18 March 2018

I have had the following information from the City of Edinburgh Council Estates Department. The companies that are conducting this weekend’s inspections are as below. These companies are independent of both Amey and the Edinburgh Schools Partnership (ESP).

1. Summers Inman are carrying out the ceiling inspection. ( The plan of works is Internal – all high level areas including but not limited to ceilings, lighting, projectors etc.

2. Pendrich Height Services will be carrying out the inspection of the roof.( The plan of works is External – Roof – tactile inspection – video and report.

Both of the companies are already employed by the Council to carry out similar checks across the Council’s non-PPP estate, so we (the Estates Department of CEC) are confident this will give us a consistent approach to ensuring the building is safe.