Useful links

The links available on this page are for specific areas of interest to parents, general information about the school environment, and even more general information on the surrounding community and parenting in Scotland and the UK.

Parent Interest

Additional Support Needs

Enquire is the independent Scottish advice service for additional support for learning. The website contains lots of factsheets about ASL and there is a confidential telephone helpline that you can call for advice.

The Children and Families section of the Edinburgh Council website, which provides details of the support available.

The Parenting Across Scotland website covers a wide range of topics relevant to parenting, including information and resources relating to additional support needs and other issues.

A comprehensive list of groups and resources available for parent and carers in Edinburgh (Oxgangs falls under the South West neighbourhood).

Enable Scotland is a charity supporting people with learning disabilities, their carers and families.

One Parent Families Scotland’s website provides information and advice for single parent families. 

FEAST provides occasional additional support training sessions for families in Edinburgh.

Sugar Aunts is a blog from an Occupational Therapist sharing ideas for kids crafts, activities, book ideas, recipes, play, plus Occupational Therapy tips.


Bullying can have a harmful effect on educational outcomes and can be psychologically damaging to both pupils and parents.  Below are some links relating to bullying in general, as well as how the school addresses bullying.



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General Info

Where does the Oxgangs name come from?