Open throughout the year, parents can use this survey form to indicate what activities they’d like to see for themselves and/ or for their children.  It also gives parents an opportunity to offer help where they can.

Please press the “GET INOLVED” button to take the survey.

Latest responses are shown in the charts below.





A cyber-security course run by Police Scotland, for parents, addressing how to keep your children safe online.

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A peer support group for families including children with additional support needs

Tech Club

An after-school club for programming and gadget building, based around the BBC Micro bit  (to begin with).


Mindfulness and Meditation aimed at either, or both, parents and children


Raising children with confidence



A Lego group for Children




By P7, children should have experience of both French and German.  The school would appreciate help from fluent French and German speakers to enrich the curriculum learning.


Ties in with the “Tech Club” idea and will initially be based around using the BBC Micro bit.  If any parent considers themselves an IT guru, has experience with programming in Python, Javascript, or Blocks (Microsoft version of Scratch), and you’d like to be involved, then please get in touch.


The school will be focusing on Science as a key learning area.  If your are a professional scientist who’d like to help, or would like to get involved as part of a STEM activity, then please get in touch.

PTA Helper

The PTA funds many activities that the school could not otherwise afford.  This would be impossible without an army of helpers.  If you can’t commit to being a regular member, and you don’t already help out when you can, but would like to, then please add your details and we’ll pass them over to the PTA committee.

Class Helper

The school occasionally requires helpers with class activities such as outings/ readings/ music/ etc, please leave your details if you’d like to help.  It would also help if you could indicate what year your child was in.


One-off speaker who’d like to give a short talk to some classes on their vocation, which may be of interest to pupils.