About Us – 2018-2019

Richard Imlach

Richard has been a member of the Parent Council for three years, and this is his second year as Chair. Richard has 1 child at the school in P6, with 2 other children now at High School.

Deputy Chair
Tracy Brown

Tracy has been a member of the parent council for 5 years. This is her first year as Deputy Chair but has actively led the Safety group for over 3 years. Tracy has 1 child in P6

(Currently vacant)

This position is currently vacant. Please get in touch if you are interested in helping with the Parent Community Council.

Ewan Stewart

Ewan has been a member of the Parent Council for five years and this is his fourth year as Treasurer. Ewan has two children at the school, one in P5 and another in P3.

The full list of Parent Community Council members and co-opted members for the 2018-2019 session is set out in the following table.

Benjamin BuntingChair
Aristides KiprakisVice-Chair
Patricia Rudolf von RohrTreasurer
Kaythie ReidSecretary
Lucy ProudPTA Treasurer
Kaythie ReidPlayground Development Group Chair
Kathryn WrightHead Teacher
Louise MercerTeacher Rep
The Parent Community Council is constituted according to The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act, 2006.  A copy of our constitution can be found here.