PCC October 2017 News

Change to a Parent Community

The last Parent Forum AGM was held on the 12th of September.  At this meeting, parents voted to rename parent body as the “Oxgangs Parent Community”.  To do this, we had to make a few changes to the constitution, and these changes were what was agreed at the AGM.  The new constitution can be found here.

This move should be seen as evolution, not revolution.  It will take a bit of time for the changes work through the paperwork and for people to get used to the new names. However, these changes were felt necessary to help break down some perceived barriers and to promote engagement with the one ambition we all share, namely, an excellent education for our children in a safe and stimulating environment.

Changes to Parent Council

In the new constitution the “Parent Council” is now the “Parent Community Council” or PCC for short.  The PCC maintains its function as the organising and representative face of the Community.  By virtue of the 2006 Education Act (Scotland), Parent Councils are the bodies officially recognised (e.g., by schools, government authorities, banks, etc.) to represent the interests of ALL parents.  Every parent is very welcome to come along to any PCC meeting and to get involved in whatever minor or major way.

Some parents stood down from the PCC this year after many years of service – and, on behalf of the Community, we thank them for their contributions.  We also welcome the new blood that joined the PCC this year and we look forward to their contribution. The full list of new council members can be found on the About Us page.

Myself, Sue Bellis and Nicole Johnstone have all stood down from committee Chair, Deputy Chair and Communications group leader posts respectively.  Richard Imlach has stepped forward to be the new chairperson and, similarly, Tracy Brown is the new Deputy Chairperson.  The communications post is temporarily vacant and may change depending upon committee discussions as to the best approach to communicate within the Oxgangs Parent Community and outwards to the wider community beyond.


The “PTA”, or “Parents Teachers Association”, is now “Community Fundraising and Events” (CFE) – which more accurately represents the activities of the PTA, now CFE. “Fundraising and Events” is one of the most important parent led activities for the school – without it, there would be no trips, no shows, no funding for other activities that support the children’s broader education.  At the last PTA there was the same handful of supporters. To do more things, they need more parent help – please ask if you can help: even if you can only help a little, it’s better than no help at all.


This website has changed slightly to reflect our move towards a parent community, however, this too will regenerate to better reflect the move to a Parent Community.  If you’ve any suggestions, please hand/ email/ post them in via the school/ email/ address given on the “About Us” page.

And Finally, on a personal note…

As well as especially thanking Mrs Walshe, I’d like to thank Ms Mercer, Ms Buckle, ex Cllr Elaine Aitken, Cllr’s Corbett and Rust, and all the parents who were part of the Parent Council, PTA and the other various PC sub-groups in my time.

I’d also like to sincerely thank ALL Oxgangs’ parents for their support. Some of the most effective contributions have come from parents with earnest concerns, and that sincerity has been both humbling and encouraging.  Time and again over the last four years it’s been apparent to me that, despite our difficulties and differences, we do all share the same ambition for the children attending Oxgangs Primary.

Despite walls falling off, all manner of parent concerns and frustrations, school inspections and everything else in between – the one thing that remained, and remains, constant is just how great the children are and what potential there is for their future.  I wish all parent led activities the best in supporting the school to help realise it.

Thank you.

Crerar Christie