PCC November 2017 News

Firstly, a warm welcome from myself, Richard Imlach, the new Chair of the Parent Community Council (PCC). Chair I may be, but the last thing I want to do is sit down. We have a strong PCC membership this year, and we are all keen to make a difference. The PCC is here to support the Community, the School, and the Children. While not all of our Community wants to get too involved, we do want to ensure you are all fully aware about what is going on, and we may seek input on important decisions. We also want to promote a few more Community events such as the upcoming House Hill Climb (Sunday Nov 26th) so parents & children have the opportunity to get together outwith the school environment.

As always, we are more than happy to help any parent or carer if they have any matters they require assistance with relating to their child’s education or wellbeing at the school. Being stuck in a 9-5 work environment, I can’t personally profess to being at the school gates on a regular basis, but i am happy to arrange to meet outside school hours if it helps, converse on email, talk on the phone, message on Facebook. Or I can point you in the direction of another member of the PCC who may be able to meet during school hours.

Read on for information about the new Community website, Communications, Fundraising, House Hill Climb, and more….

New Parent Community Website

We’ve completed a refresh of the Parent Council website, and it is now branded as the Oxgangs Primary Parent Community website. We’ve tried to make it simple to find information. Feedback from our community was that they would like to see information around clubs held at the school, forthcoming events, more info on fundraising, links to lunch menus, holiday calendars, etc.  So we’ve done that. The site is also mobile friendly. Take a look around – do feedback on the good/bad, and is there more information on there you’d like to see? Just let us know.


One of the aims of the PCC this year is to review how we communicate with Parents & Carers. Are you getting the information you need? Do you need more?

As well as the refreshed website, we’ve also refreshed the previous PTA Facebook page to the Oxgangs Primary Parent Community Facebook page. We appreciate that not everyone uses Facebook, so are there better ways we can communicate? Be it Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Web, or just plain old paper. Are the periodic newsletters that used to come out useful?

We aim to set up stall at the forthcoming Parent Consultation meetings on 21/22 November. Do come and chat to find out about what we do. We’ll be looking for comments & inputs on the ways we communicate.

Fundraising & Events

The PTA have now been renamed to the Fundraising & Events group. Since the summer, they have successfully organised and run the recent Tuck Shops which raised an amazing £341.44. The team are now busy preparing themselves for their yearly Christmas events  firstly with the Christmas Card orders, and then organising the Christmas Parties. Take a look at the latest minutes here to see what else they’ve been up to, and take a look at their section on the website here.

Parent Community Council meeting – October 2017

The first Parent Community Council (PCC) meeting of the year in October was very well attended, and great to see so many parents taking an active interest in the work of the school. It’s not too late to get involved – the next meeting is on Tuesday January 23rd 2018, and anyone is welcome to come along and see what is going on – don’t worry, there’s no commitment to get involved.

We’re now tracking actions from the meetings in an Action Tracker which you can find here. Hopefully this gives an idea of areas the PCC are focussing on. If there’s something else you want raised, get in touch, or come along.

House Hill Climb

Hopefully you will all have seen the ParentMail about the House Hill Climb that the PCC are organising. Last year you may recall the school encouraged the pupils to drag their parents/carers up their house hill for a walk, and to earn some house points in the process. Very successful it was too. This year, the Parent Community thought that it might be a great idea to go a step further and arrange some dates for a group walk where everyone can take part, climb a hill, get to know a few faces, have some fun, earn some house points, etc. This time, you don’t need to stick to your own house hill – feel free to come and climb any of them, or indeed ALL of them! The school will come up with more details on how the house points rewards will work.

Crerar Christie

Finally, I would like to thank my predecessor in the role of PCC Chair, Crerar Christie. Crerar has spent the last 3 years dedicating a significant amount of his own time to progressing the work of the Parent Council, as well as ensuring he fairly represented the views of the parents/carers at all times. His work in guiding the school through the aftermath of the Wall Collapse in 2016 I know was greatly appreciated by both Parents and the School. So thanks to Crerar once again.