Roof Incident – 15 March 2018

Little did I know that after the ceiling tile incident in February 2018, that I’d be answering my own “what next?” question so soon.

I’ve been trying to keep across the roof issue all day today, but my day job has got in the way, so I’ve been doing a “as best as can” update. I’ve had a fair bit of parent feedback and I’ll try and provide updates on this where I can. Everyone is understandably frustrated & angry.

I have been pushing for a full independent survey of the whole school to be done as soon as possible. The local ward councillors are supportive of this and are currently asking the questions to the “Heads of…” at the Council. May have an update on that later.

What is always so disappointing for all of us is the disruption to the education of our children. The staff have been supplied a building that has now experienced quite a few incidents. The staff are only trying to do what they do best – namely educating our children. It is disappointing that they cannot perform that core duty as a result of the problems that have come from something that is out of their hands.

Richard Imlach
Chair – Oxgangs Parent Community Council