Building Survey documents – 6 April 2018


The building surveys are now available. I wanted to get them up here first so everyone could view them in case they appear in the press first, and so I have not yet read them in detail.

I am happy to collate a list of questions to send back to the Head of Estates, so do send me on any queries. I welcome any feedback. The Head of Estates, Peter Watton,  is happy to answer any queries.

Documents relating to the roof survey by Pendrich :
Oxgangs Primary School Roof – Pendrich
Oxgangs Primary School Roof Defect Locations

Ceiling survey report from Summers Inman
Oxgangs Primary School – Ceiling Condition Survey Report, Mar 2018

Health & Safety Audit results : 

The email I received from Peter Watton, Head of Estates, at the council was as follows.

The email I got from Peter Watton :


I refer to the recent inspection regime at Oxgangs Primary School undertaken by the Council in response to the two recent incidents regarding ceiling tiles and roof flashing. The Council undertook to take share the inspections, the results of which are now attached for your information:

– The inspection by a Council appointed roof specialist, Pendrich Height Services, on Sunday 18 March. Any immediate issues were fixed by Pendrich there and then. Pendrich has issued a report detailing further, permanent, fixes. ESP’s FM provider, Amey, will have a contractor on the roof during the week commencing 9th April to carry out all the remedial works highlighted by Pendrich, and undertake a further survey.

– The inspection of all the ceilings and ceiling voids by Summers Inman, in line with the programme of inspections being undertaken for the remainder of the school estate. This inspection took place on the 18 and 19 March. It found a significant number of defects which it recommended were attended to as soon as possible. Amey have confirmed that a programme of work to rectify all the defects is underway, with the majority now rectified and the remaining defects to be addressed before the school’s return from the Easter break.

– The Council’s Health and Safety team’s audit of the school, completed on the 20 March; actions are now being followed up with the school and with Amey.
A full condition survey, by Hardies, with support from RSP, is due to take place in the second week of the Easter holidays. The outcome of this survey will be shared with you once it is available.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have arising from these documents.




Building update 6 April 2018

Not very happy about this update. The following message to parents will be coming out. It doesn’t contain any survey reports, and it talks about further defects that have been found in the ceiling and roof, but doesn’t go into any more detail. I’ve only just got this, so will be following up today.

Message to Parents

Update on Recent Building Inspections of Oxgangs Primary School
I’m writing to update you on the outcome of recent building inspections.
Following the incidents involving loose flashing and the suspended ceiling in the after school club room, the Council arranged for its own independent surveys to be carried out on the roof and ceilings throughout the school.
The results of these surveys have shown further defects with the flashing on the roof and some suspended ceilings. Please be assured any urgent issues needing addressed were made safe during the inspections.
Edinburgh Schools Partnership has responsibility for the maintenance of the building and they have been told that they must ensure any other works identified by the Council surveys are carried out.
An additional condition survey of the whole school building, instructed by the Council, will take place next week and an update for parents will be provided once this is received.
As the immediate issues have been addressed the school remains safe to use and will open as normal to pupils and staff following the Easter break.